Leaning into the Afternoons

The Downside of Full Disclosure (or Don’t Stroll Through the Past, Run!)

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I shared a track from 1993 with The Violet Burning in a post last month but, of course, that wasn’t all I uncovered. Only now I feel I can’t just share things that still sound tolerable 20 years later. So, in that spirit, here are two tracks laid down in Seattle in 1994 from connections with the guys that founded Tooth&Nail Records. This was just about the time I was moving completely away from the religious music scene, but obviously not yet. First is with Wish for Eden, my vocals & guitar but not my lyrics so I won’t list them (also they’re so, so horrible). Second is with Sometime Sunday, just on bass here. I actually hear rumblings that after splitting off into (mostly) SideWalkSlam, Wish for Eden has been trying to reform out in Seattle in some incarnation. Good guys, and I wish them all success!

(visit the post for the tunes in a convenient media player)

“Questions” – Wish for Eden, Pet the Fish, 1994

“Lie” – Sometime Sunday, Stone, 1994