Leaning into the Afternoons

Baltimore Maybe

Do you remember the drive through the valley?
That deafening silence coming back from the Bay?
How could I know that would be our finale?
A heart full of dreams hid a will made of clay

And I wish I’d …

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Breathe You

Help me. Spread my table.
I’ve been trying but I’m just not able.
There’s so much left inside,
So very much we’ve been trying to hide.
Life gets pretty heavy and I wish it was light,
But after all I …

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An old collaboration…

Another relic, this one’s a collaboration with a wonderful singer-songwriter, Jan Krist, back in 1992. Recorded in Brentwood. Lyrics (below), bass, and backing vocals are me.

(visit the post for the tunes in a convenient media player)

“Shine” – Jan …

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