Leaning into the Afternoons


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early hours
Mara has come and gone

in her wake whisps of autumns past
or promises of forsaken futures
seeds of the soul regardless

beyond my fence i tread softly
on the beds of those before

words etched in stone speak clearly now
in this tranquil time
whispers of love

i take my seat in the chorus
the stone bench stark

moonlight drifts through the trees
creates pale companions, playful sprites
shapely Sirens of winter’s long night to come

the night reaches out to me
cold fingers finding their way through my clothes
tempting and teasing
seduced, i close my eyes

the silent beauty of a graveyard night
seeps into the corners of my soul

too slowly
still as stone

night wraps its arms around me
inside me
whispers on the wind
more alive
in this place of the dead

i’ll not be lonely tonight