Leaning into the Afternoons

Firefly Fling

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Birmingham, 2009

The moon blind-sided the sun again
As we grabbed the loose ends of the tide and then
The slippery slide
You know I can’t say when
I ever took a ride that slapped me that silly
With rolling joy
Lazy as sin
Lying in sheets deshevelled again
And the space she’s in
It can make a guy grin
In the beginning of a firefly fling

I wrote down a dream
The start of our song
The rhymes were right, but the timing was wrong

I wrote down a dream
Folded the note
Slipped it in the pocket of my tattered coat

I wrote down a dream
In invisible ink
It never was mine I’m beginning to think

I wrote down a dream
What more could I do
I hummed myself a tune, and every measure was you

I wrote myself a riddle
I said, “”What I wouldn’t do,
To give something good
To a love like you.””

I wrote down a dream
Folded the note
Passed it to you as we stepped in our boat

Sailed ’round the world
We were hoping to find
More than the sum of all we left behind

I wrote down a dream
But what was it now?
And why does it feel so distant somehow?

Did I take too long?
Did I get it all wrong?
You’re still the missing line to my favorite song.