Leaning into the Afternoons


(Birmingham, 2006)

I miss the curves
Of the slender girl
Who lied to me
With boundless joy, it seemed
Who spun some future
From gossamer thread and broken glass
A fragile thing
The shape of which came naturally
(To her, …

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will you meet me?
I want to lie with you
on the moist summer grass
of the hilly graveyard
beneath the keyhole stars
above dim bodies braided with the earth

I know a place that can be seen
from no …

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Fuck me, she says,
And it’s not an exclamation
It’s a plea

Fuck me feels good
In love’s true light
It’s not like it’s forbidden

Fuck can be such a hateful word
But she’s my Love
Trying that name on …

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early hours
Mara has come and gone

in her wake whisps of autumns past
or promises of forsaken futures
seeds of the soul regardless

beyond my fence i tread softly
on the beds of those before

words etched in …

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