Leaning into the Afternoons

my town

Alabama, 1993

she bit my lip
as if she’d been caught in the act
in the single-wide, Magnolia white trailer
with the missing window
lined up with the rest
in rows like the houses
where i grew up
(but not …

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She lies as if dropped from the sky
just across the room,
sheets discarded to the waist,
eyes closed, mouth slightly open, asleep.

Sweeping curves
which cut across the surface of the bed
suggest the passage of life at high …

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Let the Night Sleep In

(Charlotte, 2012)

For years
This is as close as I’ve been to the ocean
Staring out my high-rise window
Into a ghostly and featureless mist
That consumes these erstwhile monuments
Sighing, I recall the power of planes
Of trains
Of …

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